Even an IPO like Deliveroo not onboarded at open? 🍕

Seriously, what issues are Freetrade and Trading 212 facing that NONE of the other established “legacy” brokers in the UK are facing, which means these new upstart brokers (who claim superiority and softly mock the competition) are almost always the last in the industry to onboard new stocks, and in many instances don’t bother to onboard them at all, or onboard SPACs AFTER they have completed their mergers! I have seen liquidity and rejection rates cited as reasons to not include a stock by Freetrade staff on here. Personally I would think it better to give the people all the tools and options at their fingertips and if the market can’t execute their request at a given time then so be it. If the client is unable to fathom the likely reason as to why their trade got rejected then that’s not really the execution only broker’s problem. Personally I think Freetrade need to completely rethink their strategy here. I would rather pay £5-10 per trade to have more choice, at a time of my choosing, than to go with a broker who severely limits my investment universe, and impedes upon my market timing.

You have the choice to pay per trade or to accept the limitations of a much, much cheaper option.
I realise that you’re ranting, but this is why many of us maintain an account with legacy brokers. They offer more options and cost more.


I think you’ve answered your own question – you get what you pay for! You can’t really expect a low-cost broker to offer the same services and features as a high-cost one.


I think it is you who should rethink your strategy here. You basically want the premium service the legacy brokers offer for free.


It’s not Free. Freetrade still charge what they charge.

They will improve the product offerings in time I’m sure. Maybe in time for their own IPO :wave::wave::wave: Rome wasn’t built in a day :flushed::flushed:

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Rant aside, I think it’s worth pointing out that unconditional trading - including holding in an ISA or SIPP - doesn’t start until the 7th for ROO. That’s likely part of the reason.

I’ve received my allocation via PB, so I’m not worried.


Yeah could be that, according to yahoo

“Conditional trading in Deliveroo shares began at 8am in London this morning. During this time, the company can cancel the IPO and void any trades made. Unconditional trading, when the shares can then be held in an ISA or SIPP, is expected to begin on 7 April.”

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Very good article here

Well you can already pay £5 per trade if you want the choice. However, I don’t understand why you think this severely limits the investment universe. New stocks are a tiny part of the market and should also be a small part of your portfolio (even for a high risk investor) so prefering to pay £5-10 per trade to get access to some new stocks when you have free access to thousands of quality stocks is strange to me.

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https://www.ajbell.co.uk/ :wave:


“that NONE of the other established “legacy” brokers in the UK are facing”

Are HL and IG not established brokers? They all the the same note about unconditional trading for ROO :man_shrugging:

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Indeed, the stock is currently in a period of conditional trading.

We are exploring whether we can add this at this time, but cannot confirm yet.

Let you know ASAP.

UPDATE: this has now been added to your app.

I’ll close this thread so all discussion around Deliveroo is on the main thread: