Eventbrite - EB

(Marty Bell) #1
(Jonny) #2

Seems Eventbrite are everywhere at the moment! Do you think they could shake up the ticketing industry enough to make an impact? They seem to focusing on small fish such a local gigs etc, very simliar to Dice. Keeping my eye on this one though :eyes:

(Harry) #3

Super keen to get this in the app. Some really interesting commentary coming out of Ark about their monetisation.
Copied from their commentary:

Eventbrite (EB) was down close to 30% on Friday after announcing disappointing fourth quarter earnings and weak first quarter guidance. EB expects slower first half 2019 growth due to difficulties in integrating its Ticketfly platform. We believe this will be resolved by the second half and growth should re-accelerate. In addition, Eventbrite is expanding into new international markets and building its own music platform. We believe these initiatives will sustain growth for many years to come.