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I didn’t think they did invent a rule. Someone else did somewhere. Is it only FT custodian who is restricted this way, or for all shareholder?

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Sorry I don’t understand what you mean. :grimacing: You said "Who decided I could not sell and instead ought to hold until October? Was this Freetrade?" So I simply said it won’t have been in my opinion. A rule will have been made by a regulator or the company for example and FT have to simply follow the rule they have been informed of.

Who decided this? I have no idea but pretty sure it was not FT, that was my point. :+1: Either way the answer is someone else and not sure who.


You can see a reference to the sale happening in october here, so doesn’t look like it was Freetrade’s decision

Anticipated Timeline

Subject to EVRAZ shareholder and Court approvals being obtained, it is currently expected that the settlement date for the transfer of RASP shares to EVRAZ shareholders pursuant to the Demerger will be on 7 April 2022, and that the sale of RASP shares pursuant to the Share Sale Facility will be completed by October 2022.


You also read all the details of it here (the circular under section 5 Share Sale Facility)

EVRAZ are the ones who will be arranging it.

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Got it. Thanks Dave & Jimmy.
This was exactly the press release I sought.

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So with the RASP share issue understood, who’s buying more Evraz now at its current bargain price?

What the chances of it becoming more bargain?

So this is all very new to me, I’ve only just heard of a RASP. My guess, and this really is a guess, is that RASP has been estimated at 42% of the value of Evraz. So when RASP is broken off Evraz will be half the value that it was (58% if you’re following the maths). My guess, and again this totally uninformed and highly speculative, is that Roman Abramovich and any other Russian shareholders have encouraged measures that protect their assets by moving half of them out of the jursiticion of the British/west in case of Sanctions. https://www.evraz.com/en/investors/shareholders/shareholder-structure/
About 60% of the voting rights are held by 5 people. I only bought shares 10 days ago when I thought it had hit bottom. I expected a rough ride on this one but I’m thinking I’ll cut my loss - 12%, and try something else.

So, would now be a good time to buy shares? Or maybe hold off a little longer?

I bought evraz for two reasons, I’m a Chelsea fan, and I like high dividends.

I’m sitting tight, as we’ll get money back from the rasp shares, which in effect lowers what we paid for the evraz shares. It’ll eventually find a natural level, dividends will no doubt continue.

I may even buy more shares if it continues to drop.


What a slump :confused:

That dividend yield lol

It’ll be like robbing @Peter1 to pay @Paul_S :rofl::rofl: sorry couldn’t resist


Well wether it’s what’s all going on ATM or cause of the demerger but my stock has dropped 50% so selling is out of the question!

Or iss it just gonna get wiped out?

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It won’t get wiped out, it’s a hugely profitable company. the P/E ratio is super low at the moment.

It’s all this Russia/Ukraine tension that’s making people twitchy


I might even buy more.


Just stuck £500 in, I think this is a bargain due to geopolitical issues and should be a money maker.


It might get wiped out.

The demerger is to move holdings out of the UK jurisdiction (should sanctions be placed) onto Russian market

Depending on whats left in Evraz might just be left to collapse.

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I am confused. I thought evraz where no longer available? Do we keep these and then just get the money for the other shares?

Was this their real reason?

It’s down to 310 GBX. Oh my poor stock value :slight_smile:

I hope sanctions won’t block the dividend payments.

If it drops lower I could buy more given this is so cheap… oh wait… hmmm. Surely EVR was more than just RASP?

RASP is their Coal/Coke business. Steel is still their main business. Steel production uses huge amounts of Coal and Coke so that’s probably why they owned the business in the first place

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