Evraz plc ⛏ (£EVR)

Part owned by magnate Roman Abramovich, this firm mines iron ore and manufactures steel with operations stretching across the world.

What’s the reason behind the monster dividend in August? Will this be repeated, it’s out of character.

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Roman was happy that Chelsea won the Champions League and shared his happiness maybe? :joy:

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They’ve paid monster dividends before, I’d guess it something to do with free cash flow. i.e. if they have a lot of cash they return some to shareholders.


That’s far too sensible an answer :stuck_out_tongue: :+1: it was good and I think 13.7% this year.

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Based upon the financial performance of the business, the Board may consider a higher distribution level,

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Thanks @Dave - it was a bit out of character from the last 4-5 dividends I’d seen. Wondering if I might jump on the bandwagon if it’ll happen again.