Execute basic trades twice a day

I’d like to see basic trades executed twice a day, once in the morning at say 10am and once in the afternoon at 4pm as happens now. Do you agree? Hit that vote button!

It makes more sense to execute trades where there is maximum liquidity in the London Stock Exchange, this is usually between 8:00 am and 8:30 am when European Markets Open and 2:30 pm and 3 pm when US Markets Open.


Extra 8pm one as well for US? Can’t see it being a free thing though as would cut into the revenue, so 50p?

Can’t see this happening but I’ve certainly voted :joy:


If I recall correctly Adam says in this podcast this will eventually be enabled once volume justifies it


I bow to your greater knowledge. Perhaps someone from Freetrade could also chime in on the optimal times and, more generally, whether the idea is feasible.

Thanks, I’ve just given it a listen, he said: “We’re just doing at the end of the day right now. We might increase the frequency a bit as trade volumes grow so we don’t have a giant block.”

That’s still a ‘might’, so everyone had better keep voting! :smile:


I was just coming on to see if this topic existed and if not was going to create it. I’d say 9am and 4pm.


I think one free basic trade a day is sufficient: would prefer to see FT make revenue :slight_smile:


I think twice a day will make sense once they will open Asian markets. I think the same rationale has been used for the 4pm slot to cover UK and US in one go.


I second this.

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