Fantasy Premier League

Just glad you’re not in the league I’m running at work then as I might have a chance at winning that one (it’s a head to head league).

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I’m open to join if that’s an invite I do love a head 2 head league :thinking::joy: what’s your team name in this league :thinking::roll_eyes:
So can check my competition :cowboy_hat_face:

Sorted it?

Did you join thought this link?

And did you have an account set up in first place :thinking:

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I’m in! Thanks


Nearly time to lock in your teams! Best of luck everyone… :soccer: :trophy:


Here’s my bad boys. I was drunk when I did it, have no idea what you score points for, appear to have not picked a single centre back and (goalkeeper aside) have failed to include a single player from my home team. Looking back though I’m relatively pleased with it :grinning::roll_eyes:

Edit: sorry I have one CB, “big” Lewis Dunk (playing in his less favoured right back role here). I presume we can change our teams at some point?!


Doesn’t matter what position They appear on there they will still be classed a defender

Goal Keeper 2 points for playing 4 for a clean sheet and every 3 saves additional 1 point

Defenders same as goal keeper plus 6points for goal 3 for assist and any bonus points (1-3)

Midfield clean sheet 1 point goal 5 points 2 for playing plus bonus see above

Striker 4 points for goal :+1:t2:


Thanks mate

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Well a great start for me so far.

“We are bottom of the League, say we are bottom of the League”