Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc - FFIE

This company develops electric vehicles and parts using AI technology.

Well if Palantir believes in this company i expect BIG things.

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I’m going to be buying into this today.

100% utilization, 17% short interest, cost to borrow shares 320%+.

Got my attention.

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What a fantastic day Faraday Futures had yesterday (5/7/2022). Huge Spike Big Profit.

The company posted an operating loss of $137 million for the second quarter, compared with $28 million for the year-ago period. Overall, its second-quarter financial report paints a grim picture.

With still no vehicle to sell and little near-term prospect for generating revenue, the company has warned several times this year that it is running out of money.

While I was surprised at just how bad the ride-along experience was, I should have expected many of the problems I experienced. After all, Faraday Future, the company behind the FF91, has flirted with bankruptcy so many times it’s hard to keep track.