Farfetch (FTCH)

Based out of London, this fashion and clothing apparel company was shooting for billions on the public markets. However, Farfetch’s losses were quite significant. Still, investors appear to be bullish on the company. Farfetch asked for a top-end valuation of $6 billion, which Crunchbase News noted might be a bit too ambitious. However, Farfetch currently has a market cap of $7.82 billion. It seems investors have given us answer.

Would anyone like to see Farfetch on Freetrade?


Yes - would second this


Wish this was here by now, missed an opportunity to double my money in the last few weeks

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I can not pass an article like this without sharing but for one reason only. How the hell did anyone launch a company called Luxclusif? I love a portmanteau probably more than the average Spork, Ginormous, Ominshambles but Luxclisif? I give up!

From $23 billion valuation to almost zero. Bad news for those who hold this one.