Feature Parity between Apple and Android

I use Freetrade regularly and was surprised when support told me that a feature in the Apple version wasn’t available in Android. (They were familiar with the Apple version and had assumed that it was the same in Android).

That feature is being able to see all of your trades in a stock from “Recent Activity”,

As part of the detail under each stock you hold there is a helpful list of your “Recent Activity” in that stock. It shows the last five trades you have in that stock.

What happens when you have more than five trades in a stock? In Apple you apparently see a link to “Show all” where you can see all the trades you have in that stock. (That’s essential in being able to reconcile your holding). Other than scrolling through “Activity” (there’s still no search facility) and trying to find each trade in a stock, there is no way to validate your holding in the Android App.

Is that facility available in Android? - No!. Only the last five trades are shown and no way to see how your position was arrived at.

Please @adam @Viktor will you fix this?

Now that Freetrade is relatively mature a thorough review of feature parity between Apps would seem to be in order please. Freetrade should work the same for us which ever platform we use.

Can I also ask that you look at how the “Avg. price per share” is arrived at and perhaps explain how this is calculated. When you have a number of transactions, involving buys and sales, the average price seems to be wrong. That impacts on whether you show a gain or a loss so is also important.



Average prices is arrived at using FIFO (first in first out) more information here


@NeilB thanks for explaining that the average price is worked out using FIFO. That explains why sometimes the average value looks odd. Knowing how it is arrived at will help me work back what my residual shares are worth taking into account the loss / gain on previous sales.

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You’re very welcome @ninepine without understand FIFO it does feel like the price is being made up on the spot!

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What happens with USD stocks? It is in GBP , which is useless (anyone tell me how this helps?). Should be in USD. Whose idea was this? Please reveal your identity so I can see if any of my ripe tomatoes stick to you.

Even more useless is the GBP average share price changes daily with the FX pair swings. Again somebody please raise their hand and tell me how this helps verses hinders?

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