[Feature Request 🔧] Auto Investment 🤖 📈

The product director who’ll be launch the auto investing features was hired last year. There are also a few roles live now related to it.

Looks like they’re using the Vancouver office as a base for Autopilot, similar to how they’ve been working on crypto in Australia.


One day :sob::sob: we will receive

Or they could just round down to the nearest whole number of fractional shares (if they don’t want to wait for more complex functionality), and satisfy 99.9% of the need with a “good enough” solution for the time being…


That’s the opposite of what they tend to do :joy:

They only do ETFs so if you have any shares you cant switch.

Zero chance Invest Engine keep their ISA free over the coming years also,

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London has high salaries, not sure about Vancouver. If internal team is expensive and slow to develop code, outsource it to established offshore coding specialists and benefit fro time zone differences (they code while we sleep, we test while they sleep, they take feedback and code again and so on, 16 hours productivity per day instead of 8 with 50% of that at non-London Rates)

That’s a very theoretical view of the software development process. In my experience offshore developers aren’t particularly good. So the iteration goes more like: 8h work, then 8h of work done a bit incorrectly by an offshore team, then 8h of work correcting the other teams work and so on. This means effectively 4h of actual work but 16h are paid :smiley:


This feature is coming soon :wink::crystal_ball::crystal_ball:

How do you know that?

Presumably, method of putting money into the account should be irrelevant to the auto invest. For example, i pay in by both Faster payment and Standing Order (from the same source current account). Faster payment contributions do appear in the Activity feed whereas Standing Order contributions do not appear in the activity feed.

Would therefore seem that FP and SO are handled differently internally which leads to the question whether both would be picked up by the autoinvest process.