[Feature Request 🔧] Autopilot 🤖 (Automatic investment)

It’s no longer on their public roadmap from what i can tell.

@sampoullain do you have an update on auto invest/pies/ pie copying adding these services to FT will take the app to the next level given your users the opportunity to copy ETF we don’t have access to, I am currently using this on another app but want to transfer over to FT. Customizing are watchlist into categories ie: tech, healthcare etc would be a great feature too.

Also how much stocks do you currently have and how much to you intend to add for 2021, will you be adding more penny stock options? I am looking at long term investment but would also like to dabble in short term.

Stocks to add:-

FCC First Cobalt
ABML American Batteries
CBAT Cbak Energy
INFI Infinity Pharmaceuticals
ECOR Electrocore
OCX Oncocyte
TRXC Transentrix
TDMI Titan Medical
LPCN Lipocine
SWIR Sierra Wireless
IPWR Ideal Power
DBO Diebold

Thank you


Hi Team Freetrade,

Is there any update on if/when Autoinvest will land? I’ve been experimenting with Trading 212 over recent weeks and I love the functionality to invest automatically. It’s a game changer for me. If this isn’t coming to Freetrade, please (please!) can you let us know?

This isn’t intended to come across as grumpy or difficult, I just want to know where things stand so I can make an informed decision.

Thanks in advance!

They answered your question during the recent public event.

It is expected to be released this year.


This is what I am looking forward to most, I hope to see it very soon


Thanks for that. Can you link it? Apologies but not all 600,00+ Freetrade users follow know when to expect and watch their public events just to find out simple things like an updated roadmap.

Sure. Follow FT’s YouTube channel.

The video of the event will be posted over there

yeah directly into specific funds would be great

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Are there news on Autopielot, or an updated deliverables list?

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Yes, if this auto-investing/auto pilot capability can be built in, I’d be tempted to transfer my SIPP alongside my ISA. Fingers crossed!


Hey @nwilliams, welcome to the community! :wave:

Thanks for this - it’s always helpful for us to hear what people are most interested in.


Would be great at some point auto reinvest dividends could be added on the roadmap


I recently submitted a ticket to Freetrade team about some features and they thought I should share them here. If they get the enough attention or traction, maybe we will see them come through.

1- the ability to reinvest any income from dividends back into that company’s stock. Some people might be in that phase where you just want to see your cake (and stake) grow. At the moment all this does is put money sitting down in that account doing nothing and we have to manually reinvest it or withdraw.

2- the ability to set up direct debits for frequent investing on a monthly basis. This way you can get your group of shares sorted, assign how much you want to invest each time, and have your process fully automated.

I thought these would be basic but apparently there’s a need for discussion. What y’all think?


I agree with both suggestions.

Annoying that you have to invest the dividend manually yourself back into the company. Surely a high percentage of reinvest the dividend so you’d be pleasing a lot of people with this,

Direct debit would be good as well. I like to invest a regular amount every month so this would make it more user friendly!

This feature would be best added when we have fractional shares in the UK to fully enable re-investing I would of thought :+1:

That’s a good point.
I thought some shares were already fractional but if not, definitely a very “basic” and useful setting to have.

US shares are fractional :+1:

Got excited when I got the notification to say the topic was complete, thought they’d snuck the feature announcement out late at night… then I realised it’s just the merging of topics :disappointed:


Sorry! Just me doing a bit of :broom: