[Feature Request 🔧] Desktop/Web Interface

is there a webapp in works for the app? i love the mobile app and all but sometimes i like to use my pc to check the market get a bit of work done

If you look at Freetrade’s roadmap of things being developed, it’s on there but on the far right, under ‘long term >6 months’.

I too would like the option of a webapp.

Freetrade Web is in the Long term: >6 months column of the roadmap: https://trello.com/b/W15ccViA/freetrade-roadmap

Hello Alex - As per the other contributors to this post, my preference would be to access freetrade using a website on my laptop computer.

Having said that, I’m happy to try the app however I use LineageOS and (intentionally) don’t have the Google Play store installed. The only app store I have is F-Droid. Would it be possible to host a download link to the APK on the freetrade website? Other apps such as WhatsApp do this: https://www.whatsapp.com/android/

If this is not possible then I guess I’ll have to wait until a functional freetrade website is delivered…

EDIT: Just realised (based on activity) that Alex may no longer be involved with with freetrade. So if any other other staff could respond to my query that would be much appreciated.

@Freetrade_Team1 has since left Freetrade. I’m not sure it’s possible to use anything different but maybe @sampoullain, @simonpoole or @Ian may be able to provide more info.

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Restricting the app to certified devices on the play store is one of the security controls we have for users. However we’re working on additional controls that should allow us to remove this restriction in the next few months. Once this work is complete we could look at hosting an APK if there’s enough demand.

We’ll also provide web access at some point in future but it’s likely to be later this year or early next.


@Ian Thanks for the response.

I hope the web interface makes some progress this year, it’s currently the 2nd most popular request in terms of number of votes: https://community.freetrade.io/c/ideas/21/l/latest?order=votes


Does anyone have any info on the potential for a Freetrade webpage. This would open up Freetrade to everyone in the UK as not only do a lot of people mistrust apps some have android devices that use an outdated version so are not compatible. Any comments

FT have mentioned they will be building one, but it’s a little further down the line. The current focus is on app functionality and European expansion.

I’m curious what people distrust about apps. What is the difference between an app on your phone or an app in a web browser?


I think largely because an app can get more access to your machine than a browser can. If anything, I have less trust for browser apps. At least app stores know who publishes what.

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Another vote for getting a web interface. I’m fine using the app but apps don’t last very well.

Think 5 years down the line when <20% of your iOS users are still on their current handsets, Apple has dropped support and your latest update can only be used on the newest version of iOS.

The argument “oh just buy a new phone” is nonsense before anyone goes there. You should never end up in a situation where you can’t manage, access, buy or sell your shares just because you’ve not got a modern phone. It absolutely makes sense to have a web app.


I agree - albeit even if it were to be a more simplified version.

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Don’t forget to vote for the feature at the top of the post, it will help prioritize the request.

I appreciate that Freetrade are mobile first and I applaud the progress being made with the app… BUT having seen demos of web based apps such as M1 Finance I can’t help but think that Freetrade are forgoing a very powerful tool/platform that will please investment enthusiasts and beginners alike! The flexibility of the tools, analysis and graphical representation of the portfolios is a people pleaser and would make Freetrade the go-to out of all the zero commission competitors if you consider the combination of what you’ve done with the mobile app + a top notch web app.


This is a great idea! :smiley: @wasimchy

Been using FT for a week now, would really love a desktop / web version :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to vote for the feature, the more that do the higher it becomes on their priority list!

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I always wondered if they actually prioritise the road map based on the votes in the ideas forum… I asked this at one of the AMAs but didn’t get a response. Speaking of AMAs, on more than one occasion they said the web based app isn’t a priority yet, it’s on the back burner for now…


I wouldn’t want Freetrade to prioritise features based solely on the views of the community. That would be irrational. Freetrade needs to concentrate on growth, and that means making a product that’s better for current consumers AND new consumers (that won’t be on this forum).