[Feature Request 🔧] Desktop/Web Interface



“a business model, especially on the internet, whereby basic services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be paid for.”


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Simple Question (Hopefully).

Is it possible to access a Freetrade Account via a desktop browser ?
(It may have limited functionality, but that’s another matter.)

My wife was thinking of opening a Freetrade Account and does not believe access by a browser isn’t possible.
(She say that all her mobile “apps” work on her laptop.)

How about on a tablet ?
(And if a tablet is possible, why not desktop ?)


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Not yet… no browser apps are available, that’s what this request is for and it is on their roadmap

If you have an apple silicon macbook etc, then you should be able to use the freetrade iPad app on that

Thanks for that.

Do you know if a the FT app works on a Samsung Tab A tablet ?

If it runs android, it should do. BUT… I’m saying this as a guess, I don’t own any tablets.


This is still my no. 1 feature request.
If it’s yours, hit the little ‘vote’ button at the top :point_up:t3:


It would be good if the vote buttons were not all the way at the top :+1: I reckon more would actually bother :joy:


“The new software will let Android apps run on the Windows desktop.”


Unfortunately, Windows 11 will only run Android apps from Amazon’s app store (it’s being connected to the new Windows Store), not Google’s Play Store & I don’t believe FT app is available in Amazon’s app store. As mentioned before, it would be great to get any sort of official update on this.

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Another vote for a desktop/browser interface here. I have always used a computer/web interface when executing trades on other platforms and I’m mildly surprised that one isn’t available already. The possibility for mis-keying and mistakes is greatly reduced and it is generally just a much more secure environment. I honestly believe this should be a development priority.




That’s only marginally better than not having desktop/web access at all. A combination of Microsoft and Amazon does not fill me with confidence, especially when related to financial dealings.

For the love of all things holy! Give us a desktop website! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am thinking about switching to Freetrade for both ISA and SIPP. Also considering Freetrade Plus.
But I need a proper minimal functioning website. I don’t use mobile apps for money. Thanks


Same for me. FT seems doing a great job with low fees and nice universe but no desktop version…

If you run a diverse investment portfolio, I think you need a wider screen with some basic visualization tools for risk management. You will also need some extracting tools if we have other broker account or pension to be able to merge data.

I am a bit afraid that the no browser solution is a way to encourage gamification of trading and then fees…

I was going to open an ISA here but impossible without browser / desktop version


I think that website for freetrade is very important.
With some people reluctant on spending money on the phone and trusting desktop and web more it seems like freetrade have missed a large market
Additionally, with other brokers e.g Trading 212 and Robinhood having a restriction on opening accounts, it means that freetarde could attract more consumers especially due to the lower reputation with consumers, and consumers from those brokers may even switch to freetrade with a well-devloped web app.
To make a well-developed app you could use the trading view and integrated it within the web app so options order can be filled. This is so that people have better technical analysis.
I think that you should really consider making a web app as it will benefit the company as being more cost-effective whilst bringing positives to the consumer


without sounding childish, i’d like to add my own “plus one” to the debate of desktop interface being made available


Yeah, seriously! It’s been years now, add the desktop interface already!


So uh, about that desktop/web interface…?


+1 xx