[Feature Request 🔧] Dividend Activity

Total dividends earned would be amazing like they have on m1 finance


having either dividend info in the activity feed (as it technically classes as income) along with buy/sell and deposits etc makes sense. Otherwise having more areas within the app showing divi returns or key dividend dates would be really useful. Dividend Max usually has everything otherwise

On the activities section if user has many transactions it makes it hard to find particular types ie dividends maybe have a filter or tab where user can selects types of activities ie buy sell dividend

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Again, search before you post.

Dividend calendar , a section where user can see a Calendar with dates if a user holds a stock with a dividend payment date show the stock ticker or logo within that date … maybe with logo clickable to show dividend yield and ex dividend date


Please search before posting. Chances are that someone’s had the same idea.

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As a new member I’ve just received my first dividend payment. I was amazed to see that it did not tell me who it was from! Would it be too much trouble to add the company name in the info provided?

It does tell you though. In app and in the email :thinking:

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Only by ISIN not by name

It does, just not in the details part.


You’ve received a Dividend of £0.17 in your General Investment Account (GIA) for UK Dividend :tada:


Investment income type Dividend
ISIN IE00B0M63060
Ex date 11/03/2021
Record date 12/03/2021
Payment date 24/03/2021
Shares held on ex date 3
Amount per share £0.0578
Tax withheld (0%) £0
Total dividend £0.17

No info on name there, or on activity stream. Using the app.

UK Dividend is the ETF name…


Fair enough. Thank you

Hey @Viktor I’ve been looking for a thread about this and I’m glad I’ve found it :smiley: From now on, I’ll invest heavily into dividend stocks and it would be great if we could have a “Dividends” page in the app, so we can see which stock paid how much each month & year. I’ve seen this in multiple other trading platforms too - not to compare, but it totally changes the game for dividend investors. :slight_smile: Is this something you’re working on at the moment?


This is a feature I soooo want. I would love an option showing how my stock are including dividend so I can see what my +/- is for that stock and hate it doesn’t include dividends. Means I have to run an Excel sheet to measure every transaction/dividend etc.


we’re still waiting lol

When can we expect an update on this guys? @Viktor

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