[Feature Request] Dividend Calendar 💵 📆

Can we get some more votes on this people. This is a great idea! It’s an absolute pest having to manually keep up to date with when dividends are due or go and refer to another website like Dividendmax etc, all we need is another tab in the insights section

I used to write this every week. Would love to keep doing it but can’t do it for free given the work required.



Yes I remember! That was brilliant! I don’t think it would be too hard for the software engineers to write some code into the insight bar so we can see our individual dividend due dates and how much we are due. Maybe this could be incorporated into the auto reinvest feature people have been asking for as well


Would like to see this feature


Not a complaint at all but more a suggestion/idea. Wouldn’t it be bloody awesome if FT built a calendar in the app that had the upcoming dividends you would get? All on 1 page working out what you would get and when. Put into plus as a paid option, I reckon that would be a real incentive for some to pay for it and save money for those who pay elsewhere to get this information.

They must be close to having all the info now that they have added the new functions which are a very good improvement. This idea though would be excellent.


I had a zoom call with @Greig who is the lead user researcher at Freetrade. While I was sworn to secrecy, by the pain of death, I’m sure Greig won’t mind me telling you that better dividend information is in the early stages but being worked on.

I don’t suppose you’re ready to tip your hand, are you @Greig?


I’ll give you credit, Neil, you lasted a few weeks. :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion, @Big-g. Neil is right, there is more dividend info coming that the team are working on. I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder on this one (@Rafael) so I’ll just say watch this space for now. :eyes:


looking forward to your next updates, thanks for sharing


Just in case anybody missed it, I shared a sneak peek into some of the work that @NeilB is referring to. Keen to see this Feature Request thread develop. MEGATHREAD: Stock fundamentals 📊 - #99 by Rafael

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i noticed dividends received appearing in the stock recent activity section today. dont remember them there before, seems things are moving behind the scenes now :+1:


Apple or Android? I haven’t seen them yet.
Thanks for sharing!



Looks Great :smile: , thanks for sharing. When is this likely to be rolled out to Android?


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Hi everyone, little update on dividend events:


I take it this feature isn’t available for those on the Basic plan? As my FT app updated this morning and I can’t see that yet

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I love the new dividend feature, great useful information :slight_smile:

Has this rolled out yet? I don’t see it on my phone. I see the dividends added to the activity list of the stock but none of the above.


Same here

See MEGATHREAD: Stock fundamentals 📊 - #126


MEGATHREAD: Stock fundamentals 📊 - #111?