[Feature Request 🔧] Export as CSV/JSON

I recall being able to select all and copy the content. Then I just cleaned it up and moved it to a spreadsheet.

Ideally it would be in a more malleable format than a PDF. Don’t really get why it’s a PDF either, it’s not that strenuous to generate a CSV.

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Try to open the .pdf with Google Docs.

See if it works.

Hope this helps

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I received a CSV from support chat. Not great but it’ll do. Ask support again.


Hey guys - reviving this topic because I think you guys might be interested in this new thread :wink:


I am wondering if there is any progress on this?


Yep - I am also asking.

Export to a number of different CSV a formats to allow upload/import into Portfolio trackers on MorningStar, YahooFinance, “My Stocks Portfolio” to save having to manually maintain transactions in a variety of platforms to derive benefit from their features where FreeTrade doesn’t office the same feature.

e.g. MorningStar’s Portfolio X-Ray analysis tool


I would be grateful if you could share how you do this.

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Hi - I don’t dot this presently - it is a request for a new feature to be added.

I have copies of my Portfolios in different systems to take advantage of different features and it’s tiresome to keep entering transactions. It would be nice if there was a way to export an entire Portfolio into a format that these other platforms can import.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I just had to upload the latest export from FreeTrade to each once in a while.

Hopefully, this is something that can be added to the full web site once released.


Providing export would help get over some of the other limitations of the app UI by making it easier to use other tools to track portfolios. For example, it’d help this idea to Show Investment Growth over Different Timeframes on Homepage (per stock).


This would be great for keeping track of purchases for both CGT and anticipating dividend expectations.

Great suggestion, would defo use. Whereas now, i have to input all that data manually into a spreadsheet. I don’t know if I sell something, if i can see that data after its left my PF? because usually its all pinned in my portfolio list.

Please include all purchase data, $/£ price and conversion rate, buy price + date, sell price + date.


Yes, for Tax calculations is the most important reason but also helps with strategizing port folio in general

Currently having to type all of this out manually

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100% would love an easy way to export the above mentioned data to a csv / spreadsheet. As others have mentioned this would make doing accounts for tax a much less manual process and allow users to easily import the data in to their own finance apps / spreadsheets

I’m interested in this, mainly as a means of maintaining transaction and price history between different accounts.

I hold trading accounts with other providers, so being able to merge the data together would mean I have consistent and accurate information I can provide my accountant.

Is there any progress on this? A year ago they were working on this but I am not aware of any results so far.

As far as I am aware (from Sept last year), it’s still an excel document. But the formatting isn’t really usable. You’ll have to manually disect and sort through every line item. So it needs a lot of improvement.

Dear SpaceTrader,
Many thanks for your reply. I wasn’t even aware of an excel document, where can we get that? It would definitely be better than nothing. Look forward to your comments. Olafur

@ooddgeirsson You just need to send them a message in chat from the app and they’ll be able to email it to you.

Hi everyone, I’ve created small converter from FreeTrade format to the format I need, it is published here https://freetrade-portfolio-converter.vercel.app/

It’s early alpha and does not support all the cases as I was able to test it only on my own report.

Feel free to test and share your thoughts/ideas/bugs.


Amazing idea @Lonli-Lokli

I have no use for this but I know plenty of other will do!

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