[Feature Request 🔧] Flexible ISAs 🤸

@Freetrade_Team do you care about Flexible ISAs at all?

Thought I’d bump this as I’m keen to have this visible -,would mean I put more money into FT

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Is it really 5 years since Freetrade gave an update on this despite people in this thread regularly asking for updates? :rofl:


Their ethos is to promote long term investing, don’t see the point of having flexible stocks and shares ISAs.


Trading212 is far better than FreeTrade product wise and in listening to customer demands.

T212 are making their S&S ISA and Cash ISA as Flexible from late June.

Time to churn out


Yea because all of their other deadlines have been hit……

Too bad! This request is 6 years old.

I have not got any of my requested features from FT yet.

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There is a reason why HMRC called it “Flexible”. It should be people to decide, not to be imposed upon.


It’s called a feature request not a “bespoke tailored to your individual needed” feature demand.

Freetrade have clearly decided that this is not a business priority for them. I happen to agree with @Mattywallace, with 0% commission it feel like it could easily be abused and works against Freetrade states model of building longer term relationships with their users. If you loose money you’ll not come back.

I wouldn’t take Freetrade ignoring this for 5 years to mean anything. Ignoring things they’re tagged in is just part of their standard operating procedure :rofl:

Perhaps I oversave and don’t maintain a healthy rainy day fund etc etc, but I’d really like the flexibility of being able to stuff everything I can into my ISA and still have the flexibility to make a quick withdrawal without forefeiting my annual allowance so that I can top up again later in the year.


Flexible ISA - is a HMRC approved product, not customized for me.

you have not addressed this point - “Too bad! This request is 6 years old”.

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With the addition of UK Treasury Bills, flexible ISAs would be a game changer.
Being able to move cash out of your ISA and hold it in T-Bills until a time when you want to invest in your ISA would mean your money is always working for you. I would certainly put much more cash into T-Bills than I currently have. The 3k limit on cash interest just doesn’t cut it for me now.