☑ [Feature Request 🔧] :freetrade: Freetrade app - dark theme

So just reading over on the community dark theme thread, and trying it out (nice), i thought the option for a light/dark theme toggle for the app is also a good idea.

Feel free to vote if you agree.

Something similar to Robinhood’s dark theme might be quite nice, Freetrade’s fairly neon colour scheme could work well here too -


It does remind me a little bit of some of the trading apps that we’ve seen advertised elsewhere though :grimacing:


True, I must admit the Freetrade theme is clean and clear.


Think every app should have this option, probably wouldn’t use reddit or Firefox as much if they didn’t have that option, especially when it’s late/you’re in bed!

Not really an essential, but maybe in the future :smile:

It’ll be a great feature for those who have sensitive eyes or people looking at screens all day trying to minimise eye sttain

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Already exists. Click the ‘hamburger’ menu next to your avatar and select ‘Freetrade dark’

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I think he means more in app but I didn’t know the community page had a dark mode so thanks for the tip


Oh, my bad. In which case, agreed. And glad to be of help :joy:


Stealth Mode - unlocked when you’ve invested £10K through the app
Assassin Mode - unlocked when you’ve invested in an arms manufacturer
Ninja Mode - unlocked when your portfolio reaches £50K
Green Mode - only ethical companies
Robot Mode - >50% tech companies

Just some thoughts…


A la mode - when you’ve invested in Stitchfix or LVMH


My guess is Dark Mode will come for Android. Google recommend creating a dark theme at the moment to target the battery savings available on OLED phones and once Android Q arrives this year I’m pretty sure it will be an option system wide.


I use dark themes wherever available. In fact, was very disappointed when material dark got dropped in later iterations of Android, but I am starting to see it creep back in in various Google applications, including dialler etc. Oddly though, it only seems to appear at night. I’m not too into the Android culture anymore to follow updates on every iteration (I used to back in the Nexus days), but it would be great if they could just bring back material dark to stay!

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I would love a dark theme. I mainly spend time lying in bed scrolling through the app and a dark mode would be awesome.

It’s great that it’s in Reddit, YouTube et al so would want to see it here too


Hey folks,

I’m sure some of you may have watched Google I/O yesterday where dark mode became official. Dark mode isn’t officially supported for the Freetrade app yet (& it’s not made it onto our roadmap either). But users with Android Q preview 3 can get an idea of what it’d look like :eyes:

Screenshot_20190508-142326 Screenshot_20190508-142337

To enable this, ensure that developer options are enabled: head to Settings -> About phone -> Build number and tap 7 times. Then, head to Settings -> System -> Override force-dark & then open the Freetrade app.

I think it looks pretty cool already!


Hey, any update on implementing dark mode officially into the app? It would be nice to have, not just because it looks nice, but it’s power saving too :slight_smile:

We’ll aim to have it ready in time for the public release of iOS 13 & Android Q too :smiley:

Here’s a preview of what that might look like on iOS.


Are we excited for the Apple Event tonight?



Definitely. As a software engineer I make my default themes dark. The internet is only white because we used white paper, it’s definitely harder on the eyes.

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:+1: I only use VS Code with the Atom Light One theme because of the colour scheme for the editor - the rest, even the Community, is dark.