[Feature Request 🔧] iOS / Android Widget


Love this idea!!! :+1:


Would love this feature! Voted!

Great idea! I think a homescreen widget is something we will eventually look into. I use homescreen widget to track my crypto portfolio value and it is a nice thing to have. My main concerns would be privacy/security but if someone places the widget on their homescreen they are aware that they are exposing their portfolio data to anyone using their phone or looking over their shoulder.


Very good point but I put them on the left hand side home screen, so I swipe right in order to see my widgets. I should have said it’s not literally on the main home screen but the one of the hidden homescreens. :calling:
Edit: So the main remains clear as below, but you can swipe to see widgets:


Will there be a FreeTrade iOS widget that I can put on my home screen? They’re very convenient… as it means I don’t have to open my apps so often as they enable me see aggregated info on balances etc at a glance.


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This would be nice and greatly appreciated :+1::+1::+1:

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Would really like this! Any news on it?

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Is it possible to work on a Portfolio Widget that can be added iOS?

That way I can view my daily gains using the home (today) page of iOS :blush:

*I have no clue what the page is actually called so I uploaded a image.

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I know its likely not going to be prioritised as IOS dont have widgets, but could we implement this feature at some point.

Also I wanted to change my passcode but the only way to do that is to sign out of the app and then sign back in.

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I’d love to see FT produce a similar type widget like Yahoo have. Allowing the ability to quickly check your portfolio performance without opening the FT app.

As example …

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Requested already here: :ballot_box:

@sampoullain merge?

I’ve got the Android version but https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/my-stocks-portfolio-widget/id923544282 may work well for you

Not ideal having to create a portfolio but could be used as a place holder until Freetrade create a widget

Love this idea.

Has there been any updates on this?


Would also love this, trading 212 have one which I find rather handy.

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Any news here

Yes, any signs of life on this idea?

Even a most simple iteration might be useful.