[Feature Request 🔧] iOS / Android Widget

Welcome! No official plans or timings announced, but it’s on the CEO’s list of things he wants :+1:t3:


Awesome! Can’t wait for it :yum:

I know iOS just got widgets, but android has had them since forever @adam if this is added please also include android.


A widget like the coinbase one would be nice - where you can add a couple from your watch list


You can use the default stocks app for this


Agreed, I want one that I can actually customise. Sure can’t be that difficult to do?

But you can do it on Stocks app

How does the standard iOS stocks app allow me to enter my holdings, show my profit and loss depending on when I purchased shares and give me a summary of my overall portfolio?

That’s what I want any future FT widget to do at a glance.


Sorry misunderstood you. In that case you can create your portfolio on Yahoo finance and then use their widget to see how it’s doing.

I would also like a widget from Freetrade but using Stocks and Yahoo Finance you can get some of the way there in the meantime.

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Love this idea!!! :+1:


Would love this feature! Voted!

Great idea! I think a homescreen widget is something we will eventually look into. I use homescreen widget to track my crypto portfolio value and it is a nice thing to have. My main concerns would be privacy/security but if someone places the widget on their homescreen they are aware that they are exposing their portfolio data to anyone using their phone or looking over their shoulder.


Very good point but I put them on the left hand side home screen, so I swipe right in order to see my widgets. I should have said it’s not literally on the main home screen but the one of the hidden homescreens. :calling:
Edit: So the main remains clear as below, but you can swipe to see widgets:


Will there be a FreeTrade iOS widget that I can put on my home screen? They’re very convenient… as it means I don’t have to open my apps so often as they enable me see aggregated info on balances etc at a glance.


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This would be nice and greatly appreciated :+1::+1::+1:

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Would really like this! Any news on it?

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Is it possible to work on a Portfolio Widget that can be added iOS?

That way I can view my daily gains using the home (today) page of iOS :blush:

*I have no clue what the page is actually called so I uploaded a image.

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