[Feature Request 🔧] iOS / Android Widget

I know its likely not going to be prioritised as IOS dont have widgets, but could we implement this feature at some point.

Also I wanted to change my passcode but the only way to do that is to sign out of the app and then sign back in.

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I’d love to see FT produce a similar type widget like Yahoo have. Allowing the ability to quickly check your portfolio performance without opening the FT app.

As example …

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Requested already here: :ballot_box:

@sampoullain merge?

I’ve got the Android version but https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/my-stocks-portfolio-widget/id923544282 may work well for you

Not ideal having to create a portfolio but could be used as a place holder until Freetrade create a widget

Love this idea.

Has there been any updates on this?


Would also love this, trading 212 have one which I find rather handy.

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Any news here

Yes, any signs of life on this idea?

Even a most simple iteration might be useful.

I honestly don’t think a widget would be a good thing. Checking the my portfolio is something I try to do less and not more.

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I would love this feature. Any update on this being shipped?