[Feature Request 🔧] Move funds between ISA and General

Need a feature to transfer between your accounts ISA to General and vice versa. It solves the hassle of withdrawing the money manually and adding to your accounts or asking the customer service to move the funds.

This helps to sell and buy the same stock on different accounts without risking the currently traded price. It comes really useful during the start of the new fiscal year to fill your new available ISA pots immediately by selling your general investment account.

This feature is already available in some of the other trading platforms like Trading 212.

Hope this gets added to your prioritised list.

Is this what you mean:

yes @hrochfor1 something similar without calling them, you can sell and transfer from General to ISA via your app

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I think is one feature that would be so helpful and practical!

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Would mean people are more likely to open an ISA as well

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I’m completely with this request, I have been manually ‘Bedding and ISA’ for the last few weeks by selling in the basic account and immediately buying in the ISA account but then having to wait up to 5 days for the money to end up in my bank account just to transfer it back into the ISA account so that I could repeat the same process! I didn’t even realise you could contact support to do this.

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