[Feature request] Quote Price

You could say that Freetrade have the “will” to keep their platform nice and simple as the vast amount of customers like it that way and that is their target audience. Just saying.

Yeah, it’s just the broker - here HL - paying for a possible price difference between what they guarantee you in the quote and the actual price. The service is part of the horrendous trading fees that you pay.


It would definitely be nice to have, I think people are just trying to explain why it’s not there now. I wouldn’t be opposed having a button to get a live quote that charges a small commission for the trade if you use it or something like that.


Yes, I have read the constant replies in this forum when people want extra, usually cheaper, options. Most say they like simple and would hate the myriad of costs. Also, just looking at how many votes for these things. :+1:

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we need the live quote system in place
just clicking buy at Market rate and hoping for the best is silly


This is criminally undervoted