[Feature Request πŸ”§] SIPP - Employer contributions πŸ‘΄πŸ» πŸ’·

Is your pension large or in a defined contribution scheme? It could well be an internal compliance check to protect you against unscrupulous fraudsters


Its a DC scheme, with imo a ridiculously low threshold (30K) for requiring a IFA to move your pension pot

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That’s the one, I figured there was something special. DC are a world away from BD and you ready need to know your stuff.

Hopefully you’ve had some advice that says bring it over to FT and you can start to control your destiny.

Last I heard, nest don’t allow partΓ­a transfers and any transfers include the closure of your account. So anyone looking at that needs to check as your employer may not be able to pay pension contributions until you get them to open a new nest pension. Probably a lot of hassle

I have a couple of friends who are self employed and also interested in investing but don’t know much about it, is there something about an SIPP that makes it financially beneficial for self-employed rather than just investing through the app normally?

Depends on their situation/if they’re limited company. This might be a good starting point Contributing to a pension from your limited company

Do you mean Aviva Pension | Boost your retirement savings - Aviva

I am not sure but does this page claims you should pay 50pounds for your pension? Or You pay nothing but instead moving all your pot every month to FT?

Im in this situation too. Surely allowing my employer (me) to make monthly contributions to my FT SIPP is an easy process.

Come on FT


As far as I understand, you can contribute your workplace pension and later move your pot, including employer contribution, to FT SIPP if provider allows it (like Aviva). And you can do it periodically, eg monthly

Yep, that should be trivial as it’s a decades old process that incumbents master flawlessly. But we all know why they are so far behind on many basic functionalities: recruitment and holding onto people. Apparently, people prefer working elsewhere.

Are you going to sight examples, because that’s one held of a statement to make? Every business has churn for a myriad of reason and to suggest that Freetrade are not a good employer or place to work needs fact - if you have no facts then I’m invoking Hitchens Razor and asking you politely to avoid baseless claims.


Hitchens Razor: this concept is new to me. Thank you for having shared this as I have learnt something :slight_smile:

I have multiple inside sources I obviously can’t reveal here and anyway even when you bring proof in this forum, posts still get removed and accounts banned if the content is slightly negative or unsupportive of the bullish narrative. Hence, any dissent or mere criticism is eradicated and please don’t ask me to prove this as everyone knows someone who has been the victim of this. As a result, except for your Hitchens Razor, this forum has become very uninteresting.

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It’s a shame you feel that way @WolfofWS , other than one trouble making user if been a broadly friendly place in my opinion.

Keep coming to the forum and hopefully with time you can be the change you wish to see. The community is at its best when we get input for a wide range of voices both for and against ideas.

Any news on this? is it planned for the long term? this can bring massive business to you guys, and you have an army of people who can introduce you to their employers!!

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Massive milestone to have 1m customers, really happy!

But tbh, I have a feeling that things have slowed down, and the initial excitement a couple of years ago, and transparency about what Freetrade is up to, and interest in what people have to say on this forum has decreased a lot, anyone sharing what I see? maybe because of lack of interest in crowd funding?


@sampoullain is there any update on this for the community? It’ll soon be approach a year since I transferred my SIPP over and I need to start working out what this lack of capability means for my continued use of the SIPP product.

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Employer contributions i haven’t kept up with because I’ve never been with an employer who’s ever allowed that. But did freetrade ever state that it was on the table?

If you’re going to launch a SIPP product to not include this option seems like an big oversight. The hope/thought was they would implement this given a year to do so. It must be on their roadmap so visibility of when would be good.

Restricts single person limited companies like myself.

And how many freetrade customers are in this position to justify the diversion of developer and other employee time to build that feature?

I do get it though, its rightly at the top of your list. But considering a much larger customer base wants / needs reporting and they haven’t even started on that, id expect employer contributions to be years away if ever.

Yeah, busy expanding into other countries first, I get it. They’re optimising for user numbers and not AUM.

Problem is when you don’t have JISA, employer contributions, etc. these gaps add up, and your proposition starts becoming less attractive and people will eventually roll off as they have to start paying duplicate platform fees. I get I’m not their target audience.