☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Watchlist ⭐

would re-adding it to the watchlist just before clicking sell help?

one difference between the two lists is that watchlist shows current price, investments show current holding value.

I have some stock in both lists for 2 reasons. 1) stocks I want to increase my holding of, 2) current price so I know when I meet entry point for averaging down.

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Fair guys, I’m glad you all like the way it is :smile:
Maybe a good middle ground would be if it automatically added it it back to your watch list if you sold?

That’s quite complicated. I’d rather have freetrade 's engineers work on the actual product development.

Hi @seansmyrke - first of all, welcome to the forum.

This is intended behaviour. Thanks for sharing though! We’ll let you know if this changes in future.

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Are there any plans to make the Watchlist a bit more customisable?

The default for now is that everything appears in the order in which you added it, and displays the monthly performance.

It would be helpful to be able to sort the list by date added, A-Z or by performance across different timeframes, ascending or descending.

Thank you to the team for all the hard work put into the app so far. I appreciate this may sound like a simple suggestion but the reality of making it work intuitively within the app could be more complex below the surface. Hopefully something like this could help to improve the user experience.


Lots of people using the app feel the same way. If you’d like, please add your vote and suggestions here:


Would be good to change the time period for which price changes are calculated. It seems fixed at a month.