[Feature] Two factor authentication

1 + 1 = 2 ? Correct?

FT doesn’t have 1FA as of now.
Click on the email link. Job done.

What if FT email provider is hacked or my email is compromised?

Now please don’t say money can be withdrawn to your linked bank account only.

Some one accessing my FT portfolio is already scary.


More scary than your email?

Hi @newuserft I don’t want to come across as unkind here but I do want to pick you up on something.

You joined the forum 10 days ago and checking your comments you have only complained about Freetrade, it’s processes and services.

Do you really think you should be doing business with a company you quite clearly do not like? They aren’t going to be changing their policies and procedures because of someone with a anonymous forum account.


As people portfolios on the platform are maturing/expanding with the introduction of ISAs /SIPPs it would be good to get this as an option

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Hi @NeilB
In one of my initial post I did say and I do appreciate the work FT has done so far.:+1:
And if I am complaining about something then clearly I like FT.

I will check if/when a webapp is available.
I m not going to save milions by moving to FT but I do have big sums in my ISA and SIPP.

Not every one knows how emails work. :slightly_smiling_face: