When will you offer other Stocks from other stock exchanges(OMX stockholm, Stuttgart DAX, Tokyo Nikkei, Singapore Stock exchange, Shenzhen Stock exchange, Shanghai Stock exchange, Hang Seng Stock exchange, Nairobi stock exchange)?

When will you add futures and options trading?

Some interesting requests! Are there any specific stocks you’re after from those exchanges?

If you take a peek at our roadmap you can see that we are planning to add more exchanges a little further down the line, including Chinese/ Hong Kong, South Korean and Japanese exchanges.

Futures and options trading aren’t on the roadmap at the moment, our platform is built for long term investing so we’re not looking to add riskier services aimed at traders.


Not atm. Also to add on to my comment, when will you offer Pre-IPOs and cryptocurrency trading?

I’ve said this before, but I think if Crypto is ever added should come after every other feature of being a full featured stockbroker. Crypto isn’t traded on stock exchanges so it would be going off at a tangent, and I guess it wouldn’t easily fit in with the Investment platform Freetrade are building.

I don’t think that’s a good idea until everything else is implemented.

I’m not against anything being added that people want, but I think becoming the best stockbroker possible should come first


they focus only on companies based in the UK right? do you know any other websites similar to Crowdcube / Seedrs for companies based in the US, China, Hong Kong, Singapore or Japan?

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You have to be an accredited investor for a lot of the US ones. Same for Our Crowd the Israeli one where beyond meat crowdfunded.

$200k in annual income for the past 2 years or $300k joint with spouse. Or you can have $1M net worth

Edit: Angelhub in HK is same thing, no retail investors