Ferrexpo - FXPO ⛏

Just want to remind that since this company is based in Switzerland :switzerland: you will have to pay withholding tax on dividend. Found out today the hard way:

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I have FXPO shares on another platform in an ISA and I don’t believe I paid any withholding tax at all.
Are your shares in an ISA?

ISA doesn’t matter it’s a witholding tax, so held before it reaches the ISA.

Same with US stocks.

Hi @anon810895. That’s was my understanding. So I’ve just had a quick look to see if there are any special treaties, or maybe I’m just calculating it wrong.

I held 50 shares at ex div and I received £2.52 in payment.


It’s covered here:


Very weird and a bit worrying tbh. As either the dividend I was paid was reported to me pre-tax but I received it post tax, or the other platform has made a mix up!
I might need to do some maths on my account…

Maybe best to ask your platform provider see what they say.

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