Ferrexpo plc FXPO

You weren’t that late to the party fella. Still a nice gain :sunglasses:

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My first purchase was at 3.30, but I’m averaging 3.77 now.

Couldn’t get money available to invest before it took off funny enough.

What price does it become fair value? It was definitely undervalued at £3 for sure.


@RobOda. Tbh i keep thinking it’s about to bottom out, it seems to rally for a day or so, then it drops and pop’s again.

Still doing well!

Aye it’s touching that £5 barrier :sunglasses: :facepunch:

Glencore is worth a mention at this point. Another nice cheap metal share.
As always dyor :thinking:

Tbh I’ve held it for probably about a good 5 weeks and haven’t seen it drop bought at £3.40 sold by complete error made 18% instantly bought again with profits to and it’s up another 13-14% it’s a nice little earner and pays dividends too! :heart:

Still think it has plenty in the tank too :crossed_fingers:


Well it certain gone down since this time in may lol £3.96 so it’s bouncing again and looking at specials in divs next few times so could be nice payout :+1:t2:

Looking at nextenergy ATM when get paid
5 or 6% div ex div is Jan and a low SP :thinking: