Ferrexpo plc FXPO ⛏

Think the dividend is the least of our worries. Could worthless in few days :frowning_face:

So I presume it’s not just me? Bit has nobody else had April’s Divi? And doesn’t look very promising for next few ? :thinking:

Any decision in relation to a dividend has been deferred for the time being. This is listed in their financial results.


This must be a wrong forum as this is already active so don’t know why it’s a request for stock? :thinking::thinking:

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There’s a discussion here:

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@Rajan07 @sampoullain - Could you do the honours and close the thread as indicated by @JimmyJ and @Lenny above.



No worries, all sorted.


Is this is right thread?

If so, then is the dividend yield correct?

Dividend yield is backwards looking so given the uncertainty around FXPO’s operations in Ukraine it’s not a helpful metric. The only thing you can say with a degree of confidence if that the next dividend has been confirmed as $0.066 or 3.84% of the current share price.

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Thanks for this. Had forgotten their Ukraine investments

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I’m not sure on thread and it’s definitely not 30% yield :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well it might be if that’s how you work it out @NeilB 30% 12 month ago was massive :rofl: