Fevertree Drinks 🍹 - FEVR - Stock Discussion

This high end tonic water brand produces and distributes a variety of premium mixers and beverages. Cheers!

In the doldrums a bit at the moment - but expecting to see some positive movement as the vaccine effects kick in this year, and COVID restrictions start to be lifted… :crossed_fingers:

Expect to see them diversifying their portfolio as they push to become more of a mixer brand rather than a tonic brand

Why am I not charged stamp duty when purchasing Fevertree Drinks (FEVR)? As far as I can tell it is a UK stock, not an ETF and not in the AIM exchange.


It should be listed on the AIM.

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Ah yes you are correct. The first AIM listing I searched wasn’t conclusive. A different listing source brings it up.


I’m really worried about this investment. I attended a meeting with a major UK drinks distributor today and they were talking of a massive reduction in the number of brands they carry. Tonics were mentioned as they supply 25+ at present but a rationalisation would give efficiency gains. That’s not not good for the likes of FT. :frowning:

It’s only my 2p worth but I’d much rather own a ‘steady Eddy’-style drinks firm like Diageo or Pepsi.

It’s worth noting that Fevertree is consistently among the top 10 most shorted UK stocks:

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I would be more inclined to think the opposite. Fever tree would be one of there choices.

Fever Tree certainly look premium in the market place

Ouch. Not a good day today