Finablr (FIN)

Finablr is a global platform for Payments and Foreign Exchange solutions underpinned by modern and proprietary technology. Recent IPO, they are the parent company of Travelex, Ditto bank and other brands.

Making huge inroads in the Payments industry.

Please list Finablr so I don’t need to go elsewhere
Many thanks

No clue who you’re on about. Provide “some” detail otherwise you won’t get any votes, nor is it likely for it to be added.

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I have no idea whodunnit, but I’m enjoying my new powers…

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SORCERY!! Summon the Witchfinder General at once!

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PleSe add the above share…

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Let’s hope no-one ended up going elsewhere…

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Travelex might collapse. People should already be using Monzo, TransferWise or Revolut cards for good FX.

Finablr … on Monday revealed that at least $100 million in checks written by the company, dating back from before its May initial public offering, may have been used to finance third-party borrowing. Finablr didn’t disclose who wrote the checks and what borrowing it financed.

Finablr has previously said billionaire owner BR Shetty, who also founded NMC Health, has pledged shares in both companies as collateral for loans. NMC Health NMC, shares also are halted.

EY has resigned as the auditor for Travelex owner Finablr, the troubled FTSE 250 financial services group that recently warned it was in danger of going out of business given a mounting accounting scandal and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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