Finally almost at the starting line

Does anyone else having any issues registering an account with Freetrade ? I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and move some heavy money over to Freetrade from H&L … bad sadly unsuccessful it keeps sayings it’s on a coffee breaks :astonished: Sadly I don’t have too much time trying it out.

Hi Joey :wave:

Sorry to hear that. Could you drop me a DM so that I can get this looked into for you please? :pray:

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Sorry not quiet sure how to DM you … I’ve just tried it again and seems that the coffee break is a never ending process :rofl:

It’s pretty late for you so we can do this some other time …

Hey Joey :wave:

I dropped you a DM shortly after I sent the above to follow up! We’re here for you if you need us, just message me back when you’re ready. :pray:


Great customer service right here imo :+1:


Absolutely! Meghan dropped everything to help a potential user. Great communications and very polite.


Still not much luck … can’t get into the App. I’ll post some pictures on your Twitter account with some screenshots in case someone there can help me …

With all the very kind help from the FreeTrade team, no luck whatsoever bringing me on board.

I can only guess that H&L will be very pleased with this outcome :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hey Joey,

What exactly was the issue? I haven’t heard of anybody not being able to get their account setup before. Either way, it’s a shame if it wasn’t possible for you.

Thank you Rupert, greatly appreciated.

Someone from Freetrade’s support team is in touch in the hope to get it sorted.

Technical issues do happen, even a Bentley can breakdown. The team at FreeTrade are outstanding and use the right tone to get clients through this.

Very impressive indeed! Something to be very proud off!! :star_struck:


@meghanb26 I’m having issues withdrawing my funds . Left a message in the chat over 12 hours ago . (On the app)

Hi :wave:

So sorry for the delay here, I was on leave over Christmas. The support team is currently experiencing a backlog but I appreciate your message here is a couple of weeks old now. Do let me know if you still need any help!


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