Fishing Stocks?

The fishing industry has halted while the restaurants are closed until the crisis is over. During the few months of closure, natural fish stocks will rise as fish numbers recover resulting in bumper harvests when the fishing industry gets back online.
Shrimp, anyone?

Do you know any fishing stocks, I don’t? It’s been a dying industry for decades and a couple of weeks of slower demand will not magically replenish fish lost in decades of environmental abuse.
I’d rather invest in stocks like Mowie if you want fish exposure.

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I was thinking more in terms of shrimp/ crab as they recover fairly quickly.
Natural Shrimp Inc could be a good short term punt?

Interesting idea, and welcome to the community Stevobo.

I’ll check this out when work dies down for me later this week.

I’d consider equipment manufacturers and similar too (“making shovel in a gold rush” type of thing).