Flexible ISA's


Hey all,

A quick question for Freetrade/community- Will ISA accounts be ‘flexible’? As in, money withdrawn from the ISA is added to the Tax Free Allowance.
ISA allowance £20,000
£5,000 subscribed to Freetrade ISA. Remaining allowance £15,000
£2,000 withdrawn from Freetrade ISA. Remaining allowance is £15,000 but would be £17,000 in a Flexible ISA.
I don’t know how set account properties are at this point but it would be interesting to hear the other members’ opinion on this and whether such a feature would be appreciated.



We’re discussing flex ISAs right now and @Rob and @rob_h are big fans. Can’t confirm whether they’ll be immediate (or indeed later) feature of our ISAs but it’s certainly the kind of feature we’d like to execute.

I’m personally a fan too.

(Rebecca) #3

Flexible ISA will be a good differentiator for sure, as far as I know, only the Share Centre offers it at the moment.