Flying Eagle Acquisition Corporation FEAC

This special acquisition company plans on merging with Skillz, a firm that makes tech used to enable competitive gaming in mobile video games. Any warrant distributions issued will be paid as cash.

Any thoughts on this stock?

It hasn’t seen much love and affection since the merger announcement with Skillz like the other SPAC are seeing :slight_smile: - SBE, CIIC etc.

I like it from price point of view and the fact it’s not gone crazy following the announcement, I have invested based on that and think it should be really good one to hold long term as Skillz will grow in esports industry.

Would love to hear other people’s thoughts

It’s interesting for sure. I haven’t been able to get convicted just yet. Looks like a bunch of 2nd/3rd tier games on their platform. Check out for more research

The stock started to rise, hope something positive is coming :crossed_fingers:

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