Hi guys. Do you know where I can buy FNGU ETF with low fees?

I perfectly acknowledge the risks associated with it so, please, no comments about gambling or performance.

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With accreditation only since it’s not for sale to European retail investors

Bung in $30k and self certify your professional status.


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!!! Actually , Stake have messed up… you CAN buy it on the app currently without accreditation!!! Fill your boots!!! Before they realise their error!!!

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:joy: classic finki

Which app is that?


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Thanks! This is amazing. Hopefully also Freetrade will implement leveraged ETFs one day :slight_smile:

My experience with Stake is that you don’t need to do anything and you can invest in whatever.

How is this possible?

None of the other apps offer those U.S. ETFs.

Stake block you from buying ‘most’ US ETFs at the first al stage… unless your portfolio is over 25/30k