Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB de CV (ADR) FMX

This company owns a sizeable portion of the world’s second-largest Coca-Cola bottler and is a major shareholder in Heineken. It also operates the largest chain of convenience stores in Mexico and is a manufacturer of commercial refrigerators.

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Is there a specific reason why FMX isn’t ISA eligible? I can see that it’s available on another U.K. platform via an ISA

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I don’t know the technicalities of it all but you cannot hold ADR shares in an ISA… HMRC rules.

Some other platforms have gotten around this by single tracking ADR’s via an ETP. You have to pay an ongoing charge for the privilege.

So it’s a bit like buying an ETF but it only holds 1 stock.

I’m sure someone with more knowledge can explain that better :slight_smile:


Thank you Celia - that does make some sense!

Although, I own Equinor ,which is an ADR, through my ISA. So whether it’s to do with which country the ADR is from? Alibaba and the other Chinese companies can’t be owned through an ISA.

Some ADR’s can be held in an ISA, but for that to be the case I think that the underlaying asset has to be listed on on a HMRC recognised Stock Exchange (it seems to get a bit more confusing when it is listed on more than one exchange).


@LewisHarding you should now find that $FMX is ISA eligible :slight_smile:


Cheers Alex😄