Force app sync?

Prices are massively out of date on my app. In some cases 6-8% behind the current price, and swapping apps to view prices isn’t a great sign. I’ve closed the app, ensured it was fully closed, re-opened and still old prices. The ‘one day’ graph is the same as the ‘seven day’ graph???

Scrolling down as much as possible (refreshes most apps) does nothing. How do I force these prices to actually be today’s prices?

Phone power off -> power on has done it. Odd.

Out of curiosity, what other apps are you using to check the correct prices?

Hey @MikeBrown - sorry that you were seeing this. The experience you’re describing can happen when your device is unable to connect to our servers. This is made more confusing when switching between the graphs as we fail to clear what’s on screen. We’ve already put a change in for this by showing a spinner when switching graph. We’ll roll out the that change next Tuesday. We’re also considering a connectivity prompt but there’s a fine balance to take which I’ll let @jani comment further on.

I’d definitely appreciate a connectivity prompt.


This is happening again. Phone is restarting which I expect to fix the problem, but it’s awfully annoying having to restart each time. Is there anything i can do to alleviate this?

Hi Mike. Sorry about this. If you reach out to customer support it will help us root cause this issue. We’ve added a setting on iOS to force a sync and will be doing the same for Android. The customer support team can take you through these steps. Thanks again for reaching out!


Just closing the loop here for others that come this way. This appears to be an issue with the The app aggressively caches web services. This means that any endpoints that use caching (like our instrument data) will be stale for much longer. If you’re still seeing this issue without feel free to message us on intercom. Thanks!