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Bad news coming out of China today:

I got in at $11 due to their heritage and R&D efforts a few years ago. As a shareholder, Iโ€™d like them to put their future focus on electric vehicles, which could move the share price to the right direction.

Dividends have been strong.

Pretty interesting take on Ford for anyone considering the 6% dividend yield.

6% is quite decent.

I know some people chase 10% though.

They are partnering with Rivian to build a high end electric Lincoln, I guess they are hoping that will be a competitor to Tesla

I hold some shares as part of my dividend portfolio

I held Ford for a while but came to think they were going to be always the bridesmaid and never the bride. If self driving is the next big market then GM look streets ahead with Cruise.

Ford seem slightly ahead on electric but still a long way behind Tesla.

Think Tesla, Nio, Rivian, Waymo & Nissan are streets ahead of Ford in both departments.

Ford own a huge chunk of Rivian


Ah didnโ€™t know that!

Dividend suspended.

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Itโ€™s hard to not think that the virus is but a smokescreen. Ford must have been thinking about rescinding the dividends for a while, given how the share price has struggled in the past few years. This is disappointed as I bought the stock for the dividends.

On the flip side, the suspension of the dividends changes the outlook on the strength of the stock quite a bit.

The earnings call will take place at 10pm tonight. Expect some turbulence in the stock price. It would be good to get an update on dividends.

Expected revenue is just above $30B and earnings-per-share -0.06, both below previous quarter.

Anyone have any thoughts on Ford now they are starting to get the Mach E out & the increased investment into future EV production?

Iโ€™m bullish on $F they have a strong headwind like all automotive companies but the real test for them will be the electric pickup. The F150 is the golden goose and they need the EF150 (if thatโ€™s the name) to be good to succeed.

They donโ€™t seem to have a big hand in self driving however which is a concern for the 5-10 year horizon. No reason they canโ€™t licence from someone else but owning and controlling R&D is obviously better.


Ford are partnering with Argo Ai for their self driving cars. I think Volkswagon are using them as well


Seems Investors like Fordโ€™s electric vehicle announcements yesterday. Iโ€™m now 71% up :smiley:


Dropping an $11bn investment into Kentucky - Iโ€™d love to see what incentives they got for this

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Iโ€™m 100% up now in Ford, who says you need fancy new EV companies to make a few quid? :rofl: :rofl:

Dividend is reinstated as well


I know concept car are never made but look at this thing!

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