Free share changed!

I just got a free share from referring a friend.

Opened the app and it said I got Sirrus XM!

It actually gave me a totally different stock!!

I’m fine with the stock it gave me but weird it’s done this. So one else saying the same on Twitter too.

Do you have an ISA account? If so make sure you are looking at your GIA for the free stock

No I don’t have an isa just the normal shares

Figured out it gave me a different stock

I’m fine with the stock so it’s ok but weird it happened.

Someone else said the same on Twitter too

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It did the same with me a couple of days ago. I got a pop up in the app saying I’d got an ishares S&P, and then when I went to check it was a totally different stock.

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@sampoullain @Viktor @Doyin any feedback what’s going on here?

We experienced a technical issue during Wednesday’s free share reveal which affected some of the free share awards. We’re really sorry about this. :cry:

As you noticed, the free share shown on the reveal screen was different to your actual free share that’s showing in your Activity feed.

The free share you see in your Activity feed is the correct award.

We’ve fixed the issue and apologise for any inconvenience caused by this!