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Hi. I’m just a bit lost on how this free share works. I didn’t sign up for it but got a message saying I’ve got that feature.
I see the link which takes you to the free share page with the code. Apparently you click on it or something to generate a referral link. Only nothing happens at all. No links created to send or anything doing to progress that.
Anyone else seen this?

Everyone who has a FT account will have access to the free share facility.

Clicking on the “send a free share” button in the middle of the share should launch an os-specific share facility where you can copy the code/link to your clipboard (so you can paste elsewhere) as well as the ability to share the code to social media channels, email, etc.

Yes I thought that but it’s not working. FT support isn’t available at present so raising a ticket just shuts down as says too many to answer.

In what sense is it not working, though? You mean pressing the button does nothing?

I have no clue if the free share option is available dependant on you having funds/shares in your own account. As a new user, it could be down to that, if you have yet to fund/buy shares?

Failing that, a delete and re-install occasionally helps with odd app behaviour.

Thanks. Account is funded and holdings obtained. Just no links on the free share page to generate anything.
Can try reloading the app.

This is mine:

Do you not have the Send a free share button, then?

Also, you need to have filled out your W-8BEN form, according to the relevant page on the FT website.

Well done Tbutz that was it. Was not clear on the page, would have been useful if it linked to the form.

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