Free share not received

Recommended my wife who has set up an account and made a deposit, but neither of us have received our free share…Why is this?

Does the FAQ on this page help at all?

No doesn’t, I followed everything to letter, never received anything, been 2 weeks now

Also sent email and contact chat support, no reply whatsoever, despite paying £10 for Plus and being promised priority support.

Oh and looking like a liar to my friends…

(Nothing shows in the app)

What’s the Free Share status in the App?

All this was done correctly, but my status just say once my wife makes deposit I will receive share. She has made 3 deposits. Status stays the same. We both have sent an email but no reply. I have previously recommended friends without any issues.

You need to make a deposit and buy into at least 3 positions if I remember correctly.
It then takes 7 - 10 days for your free share to appear in the account. You will have a free share pending once requirements are met.

No, there’s no requirement to buy into anything

I’ve had a free share after referring a friend. I was notified when they signed up and when they deposited. I only had a pending free share when their deposit was used to buy into positions. :man_shrugging:

Buying into 3 companies is not stipulated in T&Cs she has purchased shares still nothing pending and states waiting for funds to be deposited into account.

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Raised a help request in app or via email?

Same boat here.

I referred my brother and was instantly updated with a pending free share once he was set up and topped up.

I also referred my girlfriend who is set up, topped up, and invested - but it still says that she has only signed up using my referral, not funded her account which she definitely has done.

They said on twitter they will be announced tomorrow.

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Tried that, no response

This has now been sorted by the freetrade team :+1:

OK I’m in a similar situation.
I got my free share when I signed in, and it was queued for a couple of weeks. Couple of days ago I got a message on the screen saying that my free trade was Dr. Martins, however its not there, I bought 2 shares from them at the beginning, so I should now have 3