Free Share pricing in the activity feed

I have noticed that previously, the activity feed showed free shares as being bought at the current price.

However, thid has recently changed and free shares are now shown as being bought at 0.

This has affected my ‘up by’/‘down by’ amount on the portfolio graph and made it incorrect no matter which way I look at it. Therefore, could this change be backlogged so that all previous free shares are also considered as being priced at 0? This would make my ‘up by’/‘down by’ measure much more accurate.

I’ve moved the thread to ideas. So that people can vote for this and bring attention to it.

Thanks for raising it. We will check it out when the team is back next week.


@Viktor another potentially bug seems to be the wiping of all the information previously disclosed on the sell notes?

Hi Henry :wave:

Thanks for flagging this! Please can you drop us a message via in-app chat so we can get this sorted for you? :pray:

Mine are the same.


Hey Matt :wave:

Sorry about this. :sweat: If you could drop us a message in-app too that would be really helpful. :pray: If this is a wider issue then the more examples we have to test, the better.