Freetrade app profit/loss calculation

Morning everbody,

Hope you are all well! Got a question about the reporting of profit/loss in the app that I don’t think makes sense. I use the app as a guide as to whether I decide to sell or hold.

I have stocks in Unilever.

I paid 128.76 for the the shares. This is taken from the contract note.

The Total value reported underneath Your Investment reports 128.22 and an investment gain/loss = +0.08% (10 new pence).

Why does the app report this as a gain when I actually have a loss of 54 GBX?

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The amount that you paid for the shares includes stamp duty or the FX fee while the gain/loss on individual stocks appears to be calculated on share price alone. You’ve gained on share price but not enough to recover the tax or FX.

Wondering Is that how other providers do it?

It does not appear logical, it may be worth to include the stamp duty paid as well as part of complete accounting for net gain (sale proceeds versus all costs)