Freetrade App Store Reviews ⭐️


I get Plus500


Interesting, & @saf do you recall receiving such ads before?

(Alex Sherwood) #23

They’re fighting over us :blush:

(Emma) #24

No idea. Normally get targeted ads in most categories though so I’m used to ignoring them


As far as I remember I’ve always had Plus500. These guys also target Freetrade on Google.

HL is new though, a good sign, means Freetrade is making waves over there.

(edit) seems like HL is targeting “freetrade limited”. Plus500 is targeting “freetrade”. Guessing “freetrade” is a more expensive phrase to target. Apple Ads could be a good way to advertise because it’s cost per install, so provided you do what you say you will, and have a good on-boarding journey it could work out well.

(Big Boss) #27

Surely this is a compliment! :pleading_face: