Freetrade App Store Reviews ⭐️


I get Plus500


Interesting, & @saf do you recall receiving such ads before?

(Alex Sherwood) #23

They’re fighting over us :blush:

(Emma) #24

No idea. Normally get targeted ads in most categories though so I’m used to ignoring them


As far as I remember I’ve always had Plus500. These guys also target Freetrade on Google.

HL is new though, a good sign, means Freetrade is making waves over there.

(edit) seems like HL is targeting “freetrade limited”. Plus500 is targeting “freetrade”. Guessing “freetrade” is a more expensive phrase to target. Apple Ads could be a good way to advertise because it’s cost per install, so provided you do what you say you will, and have a good on-boarding journey it could work out well.

(Big Boss) #27

Surely this is a compliment! :pleading_face:

(Kenny Grant) #28

Just left my 5 star review. Very pleased with the app so far and looking forward to opening an ISA in April.

There are only 200 reviews though out of over 10k users (what is the user count now?) - I wonder if we’re now at the point where it’d be worth adding a prompt in app to review - perhaps after 2nd successful purchase? Would be nice to see freetrade back in the top 100 at least.


Over 15,000 according to a recent podcast.