Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2022

I’ve just remembered - Peter Lynch borrowed the term from Baseball. Every Base is referred to as a Bag. So a two bagger is when the batsman stops safely at second base.

In the city it is normally used, AFAIK, as Peter Lynch used it in his book and means x10.

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I’ve only ever seen a bagger relate to doubling your investment (ie a 100% return means you’ve bagged).
Maybe it’s different over in the US.

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Small observation but the amount invested isn’t the same for each share. Could fix using flat 20k invested and calculating fractional shares.

Won’t matter if you’re sorting by percentage obviously but may slightly impact any average weightings you do.

Maybe it will be a question of whether your bag is half full or half empty?

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I think the sheet has got GBP and GPX confused for my pick GELN. It closed at £1.40 today, not £140

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I think the decimal point in the wrong place on my choice thg it was £2.07 not £207 when we started. I suppose it won’t make any difference when it doubles and then doubles again.

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Yes, TRAC should be GBX as well. Currently £0.206.

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Hmm. I’ll go for PLTR

What’s up with greatland gold btw? Is this some kind of FT meme? :slight_smile:


On reflection I cannot believe that no one went for BP or Shell :dizzy_face:

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I was tempted to divert away from the super risky growth theme and go for Abbvie

But didn’t :smiley:

I bought my shares of Technology Minerals at 0.0301, if they reach 0.0602 do I win? :wink:


:crossed_fingers:hope so

You’d be in the lead You can multi-bag, providing you do it before Dec 31st 2022 - nobody managed even a bagger last year.

It’s ironic really, because I ignored many of my serious investment choices and chose a speculative one which I hope will do well and I only have a tenner or so invested.

In all seriousness I think shares like Ford, Synopsis, Teradyne or Lam Research have some incredible potential due to changing market demand. I have a lot more money in these because their value is reasonably proven as far as I can tell.

Are you calling GGP a meme stock having just picked PLTR? :wink::joy:


I think Zepp Health has a chance of multi-bagging, I just don’t think it will happen in 2022.

GBP / GBX fixed for £GELN, £THG & £TRAC

cc @Boristhespider @Jamie_B @Roger


I could be a bagger by February, just looked at my holding in technology minerals and they are 0.0530, should/could reach 0.0602 in the next few weeks :wink:

And when TM1 goes to 0.1204 I will be a multi-bagger :confused:

Same here with Helium One up 60% in the last 7 days :see_no_evil:

Although now I have probably jinxed myself…