Freetrade Competitors

Their account fee I think is pretty decent but obviously their trading fees even reduced are still really high. It does make them cheaper than HL and some others though.

Do they charge % fees on funds?

I don’t think so

That puts them in a nice position I think. I still think £9 is expensive but if the commission fee brokers that’s probably about a middle ground

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As for FT shareholder it hurts to use a competitor. FT’s in and out FX rate really hurting my swing trades. If FT would allow to hold USD in Plus account I would only use FT.

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The price you pay in Usd but in Gbp on freetrade is still vague too, doesnt look like it’s changing

if Trade Republic are not finding it hard to hire big shot PMs and expand, catching up on the UI is going to be fast. WeBull is at least 750k in the Us --with Alibaba’s cash-- and they are 3 years old. bAsically you have to move fast and i feel like some brokers are moving faster than others

There is a big difference. FT is clear about pricing

TR does not even explain if there is an FX fee hidden somewhere.

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Do you get the breakdown when you hit confirm? That was my concern. Flying blind in Gbp when paying in Usd means you have to have a calculator handy

Also, Trade Republic will catch up on the basic stuff --they have to be stupid not too.

You are not flying blind.

You are always paying interbank + 0,45%. Full transparency.

Agree that seeing it on a confirmation screen might be useful for some.

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that’s it, its just that I trade in £ 000s (so that 5-10% move yearonyear is meaningful). thats what I miss about degiro which i stopped using-- their UI is still in 2010 but they break everythin down


so if new European brokers create subpar experience and can still raise money, its good for freetrade right? thank you VCs, 0% interest rates and robinhood

I thought the £45 Hargreaves annual fee is only capped on shares. For funds there’s a 0.45% charge and I don’t think there’s a cap there

It’s capped for shares, ETFs and investment trusts.

You’re right, there’s no cap for funds.

This daily downloads chart shows some crazy numbers:


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