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Hmm, not sure about HL dropping their fees for reinvesting income.

I went to set up auto-reinvest but it mentioned the fee, still so i dropped them a message to clarify.

Their reply confirms there’s still a fee:

Can confirm theirs no fees for auto re investing on jisa with hl

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It doesn’t take effect until tomorrow, I’d double check with that support person because what they’re saying goes against their official communication

It’s also been removed from their website

If you’d like any share income automatically reinvested, we’ll reinvest your income when it reaches £10 per holding or the amount you choose. There’s no charge for this.

This is a different announcement from the no fee JISA announcement

I know was just saying i have a jisa and can comfirm theyve removed the fee in generao


Strategy is the most important but to say fees aren’t important is misleading.

Also, it isn’t £1.50 on the most expensive platforms. I assume you are referring to HL regular investment but that doesn’t cover US stocks.

Like anything else, the impact of fees compound.

While it’s a welcome move, this does feel like smoke and mirrors from HL.

The free regular investing applies only to a relatively limited number of UK shares, ETFs and trusts.

Plus when you want to sell something, you’re still looking at £11.95 per transaction as far as I can tell.


I guess at the end of the day its horses for courses, and what works for the investor or trader as part of their strategy.

You may luck out and find that all the investments you want are all on a reasonably priced platform at a low cost…

You may find that what you want to invest in isn’t available on the platform you’ve signed up to…or spread across a couple of platforms…

Everyone and everyone’s strategies are different, as is every platform…I’m sure in hindsight we could all look back and say “I wish I did this” and “I wish I did that”…

For me personally, what I have learnt in my frantic first year of investing is to do some upfront research around “what am I in it for”… what funds I’m keen to invest in…what platform they are available on…weight up the cost and make a final decision based on that…

Other things to consider…Don’t just go on what is trending, have a plan, keep it simple, invest regularly, try and stay off forums :slight_smile: (sorry!) and leave alone for a few years and let the world do its thing.

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I got another reply from HL, who are still saying it will cost 1%/£1min to reinvest share income:

Although their website is still saying:

I’ll wait for other folks to try it out I think lol!

The HL website now appears to have updated to confirm no fees for regular investing or dividend reinvestment.

I think the change has been along time coming at HL, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make reductions to their ISA platform and / or trade fees (they recently reduced the LISA fee to 0.25%). Even if the ISA platform fee remains at 0.45%, if you are a buy and hold investor using regular investing, the most you will pay is £3.75 per month, or £45 per year (provided you don’t invest in funds). This is very competitive for buy and hold investors in my opinion, and the fees saved on regular investing will cover and trade fees you have to be in the long run.

HL probably still isn’t the best for traders, but they aren’t the target customers.

It’s been changed for part of the website but not all of it:

This is the bit I’m waiting for them to change and from the message I got, it doesn’t look like it will.

Go after them for false advertising and ask them to send out a retraction. Since they did send an email to all HL customers clearly saying there’s no longer any charge for automatic reinvestment.

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This was an interesting read. I’m glad Freetrade is not too far off reaching profitability!


Is there an element here of “well he would say that, wouldn’t he”?


their “new” app Dodl was a no event for the industry,

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Man who would benefit from investing platforms going bust says such platforms are going to go bust?

To be fair he has a point and shows Freetrades decision to switch priority from growth to profitability was a wise one.


Freetrade has something like an 80% margin on certain product offers,so I’m guessing they will be just fine and we may just have to be a little more patient. @adam more than suggested that there would more than likely be an IPO in 2023 and then along came Covid and almost a full on recession. I still strongly believe that in 2024/25 there will be an IPO or they will be acquired for no less than £1 Billion


But whether us investors will get a positive return is another matter!

Even Round 7 investors Bought in at a valuation of £650 million so I think they Will possibly 50%+ return on their investment.

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Why do people expect so much for free…

Who doesn’t like free stuff :man_shrugging: