Freetrade Competitors

Hopefully Freetrade will get this in two years time.

Nothing significant in the update!
I am not sure what they are developing!


Any financial updates?

The update in a nutshell:

  • Money market ETFs
  • Crowdfunding
  • Which? recommended provider
  • Inbox preferences

Pretty underwhelming, I was hoping for the latest on adding funds, Lisas and Jisas which were said to be among the next features in the works.


not surprised they’re doing well. Also with the changes in fees (while the ad-hoc fee is still high) it makes a number of actions on the platform cheaper overall.

All the growth come from the increase of the interest rate revenues. Transaction fees are down year on year


Interesting, but I believe that Apple should only engage in profitable businesses that wouldn’t harm its brand. Investing in stocks, as we know, can lead to frustration when there are losses, which could result in dissatisfaction. What I mean is that they would only be taking the risk that an unrelated service might bring a negative image by association with the brand. So, I think they should leave this to those in the industry.